Thursday, March 22, 2012

Characteristics of Cordyceps sinensis

cordyceps sinensis has special characteristics, which consists of two parts, is part of worms that one of the caterpillars. And part of mushrooms, which upper section of worms with boletus. It is a combination of worms and mushrooms.

Cordyceps sinensis is caused by a worm moth in the family of Hepialus armoricanus.

This herb is caused by a worm moth in the family of Hepialus armoricanus. It ate some types of fungal spores such as Hirsutella sinensis or Geomyces pannorum. When these worms hibernate in winter, it will not move itself. This fungus can grow in almost all parts of the worm. It will grow into the fibers by relying on absorption of nutrients and minerals from larvae of the worm, cause dead worms.

Enough to summer, the fungus will lift up the stem above the ground and born as mushroom that looks like a baton or grass to act to place the spores for further reproductive. This mushrooms that sprouting out, called cordyceps sinensis. The worm will remain but in the nature of the mummified larvae. When it dries, the both the worm and mushroom that looks like a baton called ophiocordyceps sinensis.

Origin of Cordyceps sinensis

Most of it is being cultivated in southern Qinghai province, some areas in Tibet. There is also a mushroom in Sichuan. Yunnan, Guizhou. It is storage in early spring. When digging up worms from the soil, rinse thoroughly and drying is used as a medicine. Storage should be stored in a dry place.